The season’s started…with a bang!

For the majority of the golfing population the desert swing will signal the beginning of the golfing season. Having just returned from Dubai I can say that it was a great start full of excitment, great golf and three, deservant, British winners. 

I would, firstly, like to doff my hat to the people of the U.A.E for what was a fantastic visit, especially those who were hospitable to us during our stay in Abu Dhabi(Carol and Peter) and Doha(Carl and Simon). I think this part of the world is truly amazing. Year on year i return and the rate at which it is growing economically is truely astonshing and a symbol of humanity’s advancement. 


Firstly, in Abu Dhabi, we had J. Donaldson prevale as the winner after proving the importance of being slick on the greens-absolutely phenomonal putting- with help from experienced bagman Mick Donaghey. In a week where neither world number 1 R. Mcilroy or 14 time major winner T. Woods( as the result of a wrong drop) could not make the cut, full advantage was taken by Donaldson. This was the sternest test of the three weeks with a cut of +2! The main reason for this was the penalising rough and some, rather, windy conditions. Although this golf course is a fanastic structure and setup, there has been talk of moving the venue of this fantastic tournament to Saadiyat Beach golf Course-Gary Player design.


The following week in Doha, Qatar we saw Chris Wood bag his maiden victory wth an astonoshing eagle on the 72nd hole. Not only did this make for great viewing but also ensured that the deservant winner lifted the trophy. However, I do have hard feelings for Mr. Coetzee who has yet to get his hands on a trophy despite several great efforts, I’m sure his day will come.


And finally we had the Dubai Desert Classic. Personally, this is my favourite tournament of the swing. This year’s course was set up slighttly more leniently than in previous years and the low scores reflected this (-22 winning the tournament!). Again, well done to S. Gallacher on his victory, holing out from the rough was a huge turning point and ,i’m sure, helped to settle the nerves going down the stretch. His caddie, Damian Moore, will also be wearing a smile with the first place cheque being a delightful €309,233!

All in all i enjoyed the desert swing and I am sure the quality of golf out there was a sign of things to come for 2013 and wish the players the all the best for the year ahead.


Big J.D

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Golf In The Gulf

Next week in Abu Dhabi is the start of the Arabian stretch, following which is the Qatar Masters and the Dubai dessert classic completes this. Personally, I feel this is the start of the golfing season: it is the first full field of 2013 and the first substantial prize fund of the year. Mcilroy, Woods and all the other immortals will be playing come next week and it is sure to be a great tournament.

I love the week in Abu Dhabi due to a combination of factors but overall I think it is the surreality of this area. The clubhouse alone is a breathtaking peice of architecture (below)

Interestingly, this fantastic building was actually built and almost fully constructed until it was realised that a basic logistic hadn’t been met in the plans, the entrance didn’t point towards Mecca! subsequently, the whole building had to be rebuilt and no, thankfully, does face  SWW (South West West), the direction of Mecca…coincidentally.

The golf course itself is also fantastic measuring up at a reasonable 7300 yards. With several left to right doglegs it suits those who play with a bit of lemonade (no surprise that Kaymer is a fan).

This year my four major winners that i predict are T .Woods for the Masters

I.Poulter for the open

A.Scott for the U.S open

R.Mcilroy for the US PGA

As an outsider i think that one of the young Scandanavians could also be worth watching and would not surprise me at all if Thorbojorn Olesen were maybe to get his 1st major.

Lets hope someone also hits that magic number of 59 surely this will happen this year with the players standards and all the equipment the guys have on offer now.


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2013 Begins

The start of a new year and the race to dubai is well underway. Next week is the Abu Dhabi championship where my 2013 season willl begin caddying. I ,personally, love this championship and look forward to a fresh start this season. What will the year hold? Who will sweep the year’s first major? My tip is to watch out for Scandanavia getting its first major winner!


Speaking of which watch out for European Tour rookie Kristoffer Broberg, this young man stormed the latter part of the season on the challenge tour and has already had a runner up finish on the European Tour!


However the main purpose of this article is to make you aware that 2013 will be the official start of the caddieworld page. Frequent articles, a designated forum, competitions and all the latest news and unique tips from myself every week of the golfing season. I wish everyone a great 2013 to everyone and hope your handicaps come tumbling.


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Yet more great advice from another of our acquaintances, great read!

mindbodygolf - and some soccer

Think of the last time you three-putted a green. I’m betting that your aim was somewhat close to the line you intended, right? Typically we can all be within two feet of our intended line (I hope). If not, wait for the next post on setup and alignment for putting. For now, lets focus on distance control.

That last three-putt? Did you run it by the hole or leave it short by five feet? Have the putter suddenly accelerate through impact (insert golf related Pee Wee Herman joke here)?

My point today relates back to my last golf post on “feel” drills to get a handle on your distance control, and that’s what is the cause of most three-putts….such a circular dimension of the argument, no? A little practice on the longer putts can really help turn your putting around and help lower your scores. Eliminate a few three-putts from…

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Ways Of Keeping Up To Speed With Caddyworld

With the growing number of people reading caddyworld we have tried to make it easier to keep up to speed with what’s on caddyworld. We have a Facebook page listed under ”Caddieworld” which we would appreciate any followers to ”like” if you are a Facebook user. We also have a twitter feed @Caddyworld1 which allows you to see whenever there is a new post but also take part in our great quizzes and games with prizes given away to the winner. And finally, the easiest way to keep up to speed is to hit the ”follow by e-mail” button on the right hand side of the screen,this will allow you to receive an instant notification when(and only when) an article is published on the site. Thanks again guys


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2013-What Nostradamus Couldn’t Predict.

Looking ahead to next year in the golfing world we have plenty to analyse,embrace and most importantly,take part in. As some Europeans look set to join the PGA tour (Kamyer, Colsaerts, Hanson and Lynn) the expectation of the Europeans to continue performing well in the majors will be sustained. However, I believe,despite this, the standard of play on the European Tour will continue moving from strength to strength(this year’s tour school is considered to have been one of the strongest to date-with more past winners than the tournaments history). I believe this is a testament to the growing talent which the tour acquires year on year and will not be surprised if there are a few first time winners out there this year. My ”one’s to watch” are Scotland’s Scott Henry and Germany’s Maritz Lampert. I also expect South Africans G. Coetzee and J. Van Zyle to make big moves and will be extremely surprised if they don’t bag a trophy between them.

Although not proposed to be implemented until 2016 I also expect that use of the short putter will increase in popularity for some players after a long winter of adapting back to it. I believe this will make a huge difference to the game increasing the simplicity of what can be an,already too complicated game and allow the purest golfers to come through.

And finally, the question on everyone’s mind, ”Who will clear up in 2013?”. Will Tiger take over the world of golf as we have seen him do in years gone by? Will Rory’s blistering form continue as he leaves us all in awe? Will Donald’s phenomenal consistency prove unbeatable and culminate in his first major? time will tell but until then I’d like to hear everyone’s thought. Leave your predictions below and a reason if possible.


Thanks Guys



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Winter’s Here(let the SAD syndrome commence)

Hi Guys

Here in Scotland it has reached that time of year when the day’s are shorter,colder and becoming nocturnal appears somewhat more attractive. For a lot of people the driving range will be the least desirable place to visit, however for others it will be a second address. Surprisingly, driving ranges report this as their busiest time of the year with peak demand. The reason? We are addicts, hooked and even when playing a course isn’t accessible, the range is its nearest,somewhat inferior (in economic terms’) good? Or is it to do with the fact that we are so competitive, so ambitious that we think spending as much time as possible in this tedious location will result in a transformed golf game and thus fuller trophy cabinet in a year’s time.


Now up until this point I have perhaps been a bit irrelevant with this blog but there is method in my madness. I propose that over the winter  months rather than staring aimlessly at videos of your swing, making ”small tweaks” to your technique, invest in a good gym membership. The value of good fitness in the golf swing is totally underestimated, however you need only look as far as your television screen on a Sunday evening and look at who is coming down the stretch as leader-rarely will they be out of shape. Take this advice on board develop a good excercise regime and work hard, I am not saying that you will become a better golfer as a direct effect of this but your potential to improve will be more feasible and those ”ambitions” previously mentioned might be somewhat more achievable. I send my best wishes to everyone this winter and wish you the best of luck.


Yours in Golf


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Birdies, bogeys and even a few pars

Parallel to the excitement of last week’s Race to Dubai we had the European tour qualifying school. Firstly, I would like to congratulate Rory Mcilroy and his caddy JP on yet another emphatic victory-giving the crowd a reason to be on edge with 5 straight birdies down the stretch, truly amazing.  However, along with the glamour of this multi million pound glamorous event were 156 guys at the other end of the spectrum fighting for their livelihood-this, of course, was where I found myself caddying.


Last week in Spain I had the pleasure of working for Peter Hedblom (eventually finishing in an agonising 31st place) and had an enjoyable week, given the tense circumstances. ‘’Pistol Pete’’ is notorious for his endless hours of hard work averaging twelve hours a day-it’s no surprise he has hands like a blacksmith. Over the course week we played with some great players and saw some new talent which are my ones to watch for future years. 22 year old Alexander Levy proved his worth making his card in 24th place, what made me open my eyes to his talent was his downhill, left to right slider on 17 from 20 feet which he drained for his par. Nerves of steel. We also played with Englishman David Griffiths who missed out on his card by 1 stroke frustratingly, nonetheless he is an absolute gentleman and I wish him the best for the future.


An outstanding performance came from the young German Moritz Lampert who is a definite future star, coming through in fourth place as an amateur. Could he step into the shoes of Kaymer? Time will tell.


Furthermore I would like to congratulate Andy Sullivan, Richard Mcevoy and also golden oldie Gary Orr and his legendary caddy, Mucker who also put in great performances and gained their playing privileges for the year. In contrast sob story of the week surely goes to George Murray who my thoughts go out to, making a 3 putt double bogey on the final green to miss by a shot, however i have faith in George(a former caddy himself)’s ability and I am sure he will be back stronger again.


Although last week was tough for some players it is a great opportunity to analyse the future potential of some players, “who really cuts the mustard’’ per say. For example Branden Grace made thirteenth card last year, this year he has won 4 tournaments and finished 6th in the Race to Dubai, outstanding. This is a testament to a player’s ability to convert their game and how much this week can propel a person’s career…thank god it’s over though.

Big Jd

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When do you go for it?


Let me just open up this week by saying very well done to young Tommy Fleetwood this week after a superb performance from the youngster down in South Africa, his 6th place finish was enough to save his tour card, he is a very talented player with a truly magnificent golf swing.  I personally think he will go on to play in a Ryder Cup. Also, very well done to big Henrick Stenson; his 1st win in over 3 years. Unfortunately Rhys Davies former winner on tour was the guy who ended up in 120th position this year just missing out with only £200 or so – such fine margins!

“A question I have often been asked is when should you take on the pins or have a go for it on the course? My answer to this is play to your own strengths”

It’s the tour  school this week 6 rounds over the 2 courses to be played in Girona ,look out for the new stars of tomorrow,  my choices  to look out for are,  David Lipsky of the USA,  Sam Hutsby of England and Wallace Booth Scotland who is renowned for his powerful hitting. Only 25 guys will get their playing privileges’.  I have caddied at the Q school on a few occasions and it is one week that you really need to be razor sharp, just one bad decision can be the difference of someone’s whole career so talking about pressure or what……

A question I have often been asked is when should you take on the pins or have a go for it on the course? My answer to this is play to your own strengths;  if you play with a draw and the pin is back left then try to hit the high draw just like Norman used to and get the ball in there nice and tight…..if on the other hand you have a front right pin and you shape the ball with a bit of lemonade then this is your chance to cut one in there just like Monty always did…..Just work out the numbers before the shot, pick your club and commit to the shot in hand. Always try to hit the shot that keeps your heart rate down the lowest, remember this game is hard enough,  you sure do not want to make it any more difficult than it is already.

I would like to wish all the guys at the Q school the best of luck this week.

Big JD

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Reflection on last week and looking ahead.

Last week in Shenzhen, China saw Poulter win his second WGC championship with a total of -21, only requiring 130 hits of the rock over the weekend! Our picks in Oosthuizen, Kaymer and Weisberger finished 6th, 9th and 28th, respectively. Well done to Terry, his bagman! In conjunction, this week’s HSBC also saw another champion in the form of ‘’European Caddy of The Year’’ sponsored by HSBC. This year’s deserving winner was Zack Rasego, working for Branden Grace-4 time winner this season, including this year’s Dunhill Links. However, this is not Zack’s first big picture, having worked for Louis Oosthuizen during his emphatic victory in 2010’s Open Championship at St. Andrew’s.

Interestingly, linking in with last week’s article on carrying luck, Zack and Louis had amicably agreed to terminate their partnership following the Open Championship at the start of the week in Fife. I believe that having come to this arrangement created a relaxed environment for each professional and, almost certainly, was a contributing factor in Louis’ success that week.

This week in Singapore, at Sentosa Resort, is another huge tournament with the third consecutive cheque in excess of £800,000 going to the winner. I feel having caddied at the tournament and finishing T11 with Steve Webster, that this week will see a very pure ball striker come through victorious. Accuracy from the tee and a conservative attitude are imperative for the golf course. All par 5’s are strong risk reward holes with a host of water hazards in play. For this reason we have chosen Thorbjorn Olesen , Richard Sterne, Steve Webster and Shigeki Maruyama as our picks for this week. With the likes for Mcilroy and co. in the field this may seem trivial but I will be surprised if one of these great ball strikers doesn’t have a top 5.

Big JD

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